TPF Group

TPF Group was created as part of our international growth strategy, and brings together all entities which have joined the TPF Engineering network either by merger, acquisition or creation of new activities. It enables us to better carry out our clients’ projects on the five continents.

Originally, the main activities of TPF were dedicated to energy and Third-Party financing, with a central focus on the energy optimization of buildings.

In order to meet the demands of its clients and to broaden its operation fields, the company quickly developed in the engineering professions in construction, infrastructure and public works.

Over the years, the TPF group has deployed successively in Europe, Asia, Africa and America thanks to a series of acquisitions to become an internationally recognized player in its fields.

Today, TPF ranks among the most important multidisciplinary companies active in the following sectors:

  • building

  • transport infrastructure

  • water and energy

As it evolved, TPF developed its expertise in a wide range of related businesses, including :

  • Realization of turnkey projects
  • Operation and maintenance of technical installations in both the energy and water sectors.
  • Development, implementation and investment in projects in the renewable energy sector, associated with the management of dedicated investment funds where appropriate.
  • Quality control of materials and construction works.
  • Acquisition of stakes in motorway concessions
  • Property development.

With dozens of subsidiaries and branches active in more than 45 countries, TPF was able to sustain its ambitions by positioning itself as a benchmark player in its markets while contributing to global sustainable development.

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